What is CD Next Play Sport?

The Next Play Sport Sports Club was created with the vision of combining the practical learning of English with sports activities. We want to bring sports and education hand in hand so that the participants have the best opportunities in the future and thus train athletes and students with specific techniques for a complete sports and academic development. We also seek to professionalize an activity that has been little worked up to now and apply our professional experience to the development of both academic and sports training processes.

Our goal is to train people and what better way than through education and sports. We pursue the highest level in the development of young people, providing a pleasant environment in which they can optimize their time.

With a clear goal in mind

We intend to take advantage of the multiple benefits that education and sport offer to prepare young people to make the best decisions for their future.

What does CD Next Play Sport offer you?

We offer two sports (Football and Basketball) with the addition of practical English classes before training. Our teachers and coaches are trained in the Next Play Sport philosophy based on practical language learning and professional sports techniques. The schedules of the activity will be carried out in the afternoons during the week in normal hours of extracurricular activities and will include regional competitions on weekends. Initially, football will be held at the IMD Ruth Beitia and Basketball at the Uco-Lastra Pavilion in Cueto.

Thanks to our connection with the US, we will develop international activities to connect the two countries. We have a working group in the US that we will use to bring new sports techniques to Cantabria and promote the linguistic integration of our young people with American students and coaches.